Wombat's day begins


Echidna mother


Big Red

Big Red's Family

Old New



Image for book idea illustrating opposites

Amos & Andrew Albatross

Amos and Andrew enjoy the same music

Growing With You


My Joy Is Your Joy

Dinner Time

Mice Go To School.

Ink, Watercolour and Collage


Ink, Watercolour and Collage

The emu sisters were nearly famous.

Koala Party

From my new Australian themed series available as a card, jigsaw or print. A great souvenir or gift for an overseas friend. Jigsaws are A3 in 60 or 252 pieces $29.95, or A4 in 30 or 120 pieces $19.95, (+ postage). Please contact me to order.

This Little Pig Has Roast Beef

This Little Pig Stayed Home

Yarnin' At The Baa

Personal work created for the 52 Week Illustrators Challenge FB Group for the theme "yarn".

Owl & Pussycat Sail Away

Watercolour and gouache. Print available for sale.


Mother's Day card design

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