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Wonderful Wombat Workshop

In this fun, informative and interactive workshop, I share with children my experience as illustrator of Wombat, written by Christopher Cheng, published by Walker Books Australia, for their wonderful Nature Storybook Series, including:


  • How I used research to inform my artwork,

  • My illustration process and a little about the process of picture book illustration in general,

  • Students will see some of my rough drawings, original artwork and the materials I used,

  • Students will try using research to inform their own drawings as out lined below. 


About Me:

I am an illustrator and visual artist based in Central Victoria. I trained in Fine Art and Special Education and have many years’ experience working with communities on festivals and other projects, and more recently, as Education Officer at La Trobe Art Institute in Bendigo.  I have a current WWCC. 

Workshop Outline (1hr duration, aimed at Grades 3-6):

  • After reading the story of Wombat to the children, I will share ‘behind-the-scenes’ information about my illustration process and how I researched the characters of Wombat and Dingo and their environment. (20mins)

  • The children will then be asked to draw a wombat from their imagination. (10mins)

  • We will then conduct some research by looking at photos of different types of wombats in detail and discussing how to carefully observe and draw key features such as eyes, nose, mouth, feet, the texture and colour of the fur and so on. (10mins)

  • The children will then do a second drawing based on their research and compare the two pictures.  The group will then discuss the benefits of drawing straight from the imagination, (i.e. beautiful spontaneous drawings!), and how using research can inform their drawings.  (15-20mins)

  • Suitable for English and Visual Art Learning Areas and Critical & Creative Thinking and Personal and Social Capabilities.


Please provide:

  • A selection of drawing materials and at least two pieces of paper for each child.

  • If presenting in person, I will require equipment to give a PowerPoint presentation if possible. 

Please note:

  • The workshop can be modified for presentation in person or online.

  • Best suited to single class or up to 30 children but you are welcome to call me to discuss your requirements.

For cost details, bookings and more information, please email Liz. 


ABN 91 322 655 266

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